Sabah Museum

The Sabah Museum is located on 43.3 acres of lush green natural and planted jungle. Situated on a small hill overlooking the state mosque, it is designed to look like a longhouse and it opened its doors in 1984. It also houses a Heritage village, Islamic museum and art gallery.

Sabah State Museum
Sabah State Museum

Getting There

Take the Penampang bus from the bus terminal across the City Hall (DBKK) Building / State Library / Court House. Bus fare is about RM0.70

If you are unsure of the exact stop, tell the bus conductor that you are going to the Museum and ask him to press the bell for you. The bus will stop across from the Secretariat Building. You will immediately see a bridge with green gates leading towards the Museum premises up the hill.

As of 20th February 2006, the Museum is open every day!