Gaya Street Fair

One of the main streets of KK, Gaya Street used to be known as Bond Street. The street is closed to traffic and transforms to a mega fair every Sunday morning and is the place where locals come to buy their goods. You can find almost anything at the Fair. From local handicrafts, souvenirs and clothing to food, drinks, Chinese medicines, delicacies and even animals like chickens and pet dogs, can be purchased for very reasonable prices. It also is a good opportunity to try out your bargaining skills.

Gaya Street Sunday Market
Gaya Street Sunday Market

Even on normal day, it is an interesting street to visit.

Getting There

Turn right once you exist Trekkers Lodge Kota Kinabalu building. The 1st street you come to is Jalan Pantai. Jalan Gaya is the next street parallel to Jalan Pantai.